Cum One and Cum All

When the going gets tough, the rough get fucking.

 Strap-ons are my new obsession.

But I’m used to sliding up and down on a more natural dick pole, so I didn’t know what to think when my friend Katelyn told me about pegging.

She told me I’d love it, though, and since I was feeling especially horny today, I agreed to try it. We made a bet that if I didn’t like it, she’d find a real cock (and man) to impale my asshole, but that if I did like it, I’d have to call her by ‘Princess’ from then on.

Weeelll . . . I’m a tough chick who can take a pounding, and I don’t go around saying shit like that. She not only shoved me down hard, just how I like it, but she giggled and told me she was going to claim my ass for herself. Then she strapped the dildo around her narrow hips and pinned me down on the ground, thrusting in and out while I withered in pleasure.

When I finally came, I screamed “Princess Katelyn” for her–and now I’m glad that she won that bet, because now Katelyn and I are going to get together for more female fun again and again and again. My ass belongs to her now, but she is very generous toward naturally dick-endowed crowd . . . cum one and cum all!

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