Cum In My Back Door

anal phone sex

My ass needs a good pounding.  Are you up for some Anal Phone Sex with a hot fucking blonde?  I’m a nasty phone sex whore who loves having her asshole filled just as much as my pussy.  With a tight  ass like mine, I do tend to get the men who have ass fetishes.  Just look at my ass.  Can’t you just  imagine your hands around my waist while you pile drive my ass.  Balls slapping against my soaking wet pussy.  Mmmmm can’t you just feel how good my tight asshole would feel around your throbbing cock?  Go ahead, rub that cock while you stare at my ass and imagine how good it would feel.  Oh God, I just want to feel your hard cock inside my ass.  When you get ready to cum, don’t you dare pull out either.  I want you to fill my tight ass with all that warm gooey goodness. 

Go ahead and pick up that phone and call me.  Cum in my back door baby.

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