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Fantasy Phone Sex


I walked into the nightclub, and I saw the most divine man that I could ever imagine. He was tall, dark, and oh so fucking handsome, and I could see the big bulge in his pants told me that his cock was at least 10 inches. I walked right over to him; it’s like our eyes were pulling each other. I said hi, how are you he responded that he was super attracted to me. My pussy got instantly wet, and by the looks of it, his cock got equally hard. All I wanted to do is get naked right there and fuck him and let him fuck me until I was unconscious. He asked me to go to the back VIP section with him, so I followed. There was another guy there. I couldn’t see his face, but I didn’t really care. The guy who I initially saw his name was Jacob, that’s what he said, his hands ran down my back as he unzipped my dress. He took my dress off, and it fell to the ground, and he bent me over gently. He took his cock out of his pants and put my hand on it; it was huge and veiny. The other guy was still in the shadows, but I could see his cock as he started to stroke it. Jacob put his cock into my pussy doggy style; it, felt like an eggplant with muscles was entering into my wet pussy. The other guy came out of the Shadow and walked around to my mouth; he put his hands over my eyes and his cock into my mouth. I started sucking as I was being fucked doggy-style. It felt like I was in pure heaven. I loved every minute of it, taking cock in my ass and sucking a big dick at the same time, from what I thought was two strangers. After fucking me uncontrollably and me sucking this other stranger’s dick for about 10 minutes, the stranger took his hands off of my eyes. It was my boyfriend, when I saw his face, he started to force-feed me cock he was smiling, and I noticed he had a look of devious Joy on his face. I had no idea that my boyfriend would go for something like this, but it seems I was wrong. Jacob forced his cock into my asshole, and when I let out a huge moan, my boyfriend sprayed me with a creampie, it was delicious.

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