Costume Party

Halloween is always a favorite for me. I do love to dress in costume. Last year I was a naughty bunny.  But I need to step it up. This year I am being extra naughty. I have decided to go as Adi Gallia. She is a black female Jedi Master! And the best part is. I am wearing a neon blue glowing condom. So my light saber will be my big black cock. I can’t wait to let all the nerds play with my light saber! I am going to be dressed super sex with a brocade bra and matching panty set. And then put the long robe on top. And I am going to teach these boys how to hand a real loaded weapon! On your knees and show my saber some mad props! Then I am going to show you how deep I can force my saber in to your wanting body! I absolutely love any excuse to get dressed up and show off my big black cock!

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