Color Me… Furry!

Howl at me daddy. The way your fur shines in the moonlight is so beautiful. It makes me want to fuck you right there under the stars. I know you will take care of me. I’m ready to do whatever you want me to. Come on, take me. I promise you won’t regret it. I love to watch you transform from human to werewolf. Let’s transform together. It makes me cum instantly just to know we share this special bond. 2 furries fucking could be dangerous. But I know you wont hurt me. At least not in a bad way. When we are together pain is pleasure. All the scratches and ripped up clothes are totally worth it too. Lets ravish each other until we turn back. I want you inside of all of my holes. Take control of me. Let me be your little wereslut. I bet you like the sound of that don’t you? To have me anyway you want while you are fighting the urge to bite and kill me. Fuck me and make me cream all over your furry cock. Let’s be wild and kinky together.

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