checkmate bitch

Hot ass sexI have a pretty annoying roommate her name is Morgyn she walks around like she’s  all high and mighty. I can’t even be around her for 2 seconds without rolling my eyes hard.  I have never gotten along well with ditzy bitches. I tried to avoid her as much as possible but she was making my life a living hell with her friends coming over and taking up most of the student apartment. I also noticed what a slob she was and I was over the bitchy attitude. Morgyn has a cute boyfriend, This idiot girl goes on tangents about how she swears he would never cheat on her. Hearing her talk about how amazing he think she makes me wanna gauge my  eyes out.I can hear her blab about how perfect he is for what feels like 24/7. I had a sinister thought, I felt it was only right to seduce her boyfriend. Maybe it would teach her a lesson. One day he was around and she was busy putting 20 pounds of makeup. I had the perfect opportunity to show him something he would never forget. I had a mini-skirt and without thinking I just flashed my pussy to him. He was shocked but so turned on. Things just escalated so quickly there was no stopping what I was about to do next. I started to rub my pussy right then and there.The more I rubbed the more he was losing control. I liked having that power and I was sure I was going to eventually fuck his brains out. I wasn’t ready to fuck him then but I made sure it was going to happen. You know on second thought I might even fuck him in front of my bitch roommate to teach her a lesson or two on how not to be such an uptight cunt. I love checkmating a prissy bitch.


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