Can I Burst Your Pipe?

big tit fucking sexy bbwLet’s face it, these boobs were made for big tit fucking. Don’t you agree? My pipes froze thanks to this extreme cold.  When my landlord came over to access the damage to the pipes, he was not happy. Blamed me for the damage since I didn’t leave a faucet dripping. I live in the South. I’ve never had to leave water running because it’s so cold. He said I would have to pay to have the pipes fixed. WTF? Luckily, I think quick on my feet. I pulled out my big boobs and suggested I check his pipe. Get that pipe heated up and dripping. When he saw how huge and natural my tits were, he started singing a different tune. Suddenly there was compromise.

After my big tits were hugging his cock like soft bookends, and my mouth was devouring his mushroom head, I had him insisting he would pay for all the repairs.  I love looking down at my boobs and seeing a big thick pipe dripping between them. And I love when the faucet sprays me! After a few minutes of warming up between my knockers, my landlord’s pipe burst all over my face! I assured him I was not going to bill him for the damage lol! His jizz not only covered my face and tits, but some hit the ceiling!

If you have a cold pipe, trust me I know how to warm it up, and make it burst!

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