Calling all Kink and Taboo Artist

hot phone sex kassidyI was the witch that would been over backwards to make my twat feel good. I wanted that slice of pizza shoved in my asshole to what ever taboo that was going on for the  day. The things that I liked the most were the fact that I could be myself around you and I didn’t have to pull any punches about what we both wanted. IF I wanted to put pussy clamps on my clit and have you lick the peach sauce that came out I could do that. If I wanted you to take your teeth and pull on my tampon when I was having my time of the month you would do that. If I wanted to include your brothers and sisters in our conversations or have you wear a girdle to fulfill the fantasy you were always willing and able to oblige. Now my taste seemed to be getting darker and my wildest fantasy was including a trapeze and mommy dearest. Now lets face it she was always a little bit off the rocker growing up. Having me look at people pass and run back in the house so she could feel her pussy. But this was different me hanging on a pole with my ass open with the curtains pulled back so the whole world could see. Now that was different and something that I never thought you would do. But it was such a turn on and I couldn’t wait for the finality to see what other taboo and kinky things you could do with me attached to the pole.
It was something just to see the dildo you stuck up your ass or you wrapping your cock around my lips while you felt me and told me to kick your ball sack, but no matter what the kink was I was willing to bet that we could do it together and now this new thing the phone goes where?

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