By Special Request

mommy sex melindaThe girls and I have so much fun playing with each other every day. We never run out of kinky incest games to play. They are not shy about letting me know what they want. Last night they were very vocal about wanting me to invite a man over today. They really want to lick and suck a big cock and get it hot, hard and wet before watching it get stuffed in mommy’s pussy. They never let me forget how much they love to see my pussy stretched out while a big dick power drives it’s way in and out of me. I love watching them watch me get fucked. Their little fingers stuffed in their cunnies, the way they kiss each other and pinch each others little tits while they watch. I always make sure to give him time to recover before sucking and licking his cock just like they did for me, making it hot and hard and wet for their little cunnies to take. I have to admit I love watching them get stuffed full of cock as much as they love watching me. Family fucking fun never gets old.

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