Bukakke with Bambi

I’m almost ashamed to say this, but I’ve never been legitimately bukkake’d! It sounds so wonderful, though, doesn’t it? I’ve had two guys cum on my face at once, but I’m thinking bigger. At least 10 huge cocks just relieving their stress all over my face! I’ve cum so hard, so many times just thinking about it. I’d want Daddy to be there, of course. My big brother, and maybe my little brother. Both of my brothers have a few hottie friends, so of course we’ll invite them too. Now, where do we start? I’ve mulled this over a lot. Maybe we’ll start drinking, them all at the bar, and I’ll get on my knees and go from man to man, cock to cock and suck them all almost clean, and then have them all jack off onto my face. Or I can seduce them all together. Two fucksticks balls deep in my cunny, one in my ass, two in my mouth and one stroking himself in the corner watching. Or maybe I’ll forget all those boys and take on the football team. Daddy can be the coach, and I’ll make them all work out. Let’s do some modified burpees, boys. Squat, plank, squat, get your dick sucked, jump, repeat. Teehee, I’m so naughty. I’d suck those sweaty boys and milk their salty cream right to the tip, and stroke their quivering shlongs two by two and let them squirt their spunk all over me, all over my blonde hair, right in my eyes & deep in my throat. I will gobble all of that delicious gooey jizz right up off my face and off the throbbing heads of their dicks. Then we’ll all lounge around, smoke some green and get ready for round 2, the gangbang! Would you like to join us?


Cocksucking Phone Sex

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