Bottoms UP!

Time to get your drink on. Shot after shot, let’s see who gets wasted first. Light up another cig, grab another bottle, it’s time to let loose and enjoy the weekend! Pfff weekend, weekday, weeknight, it’s Happy Hour somewhere right?! I am a horny fucking nympho and I’m going to have you drinkin your wallet away with me as we grab another ho from the bar that I know. One maybe two, fuck let’s bring them all back to my pad. I love the taste of pussy and I can’t wait to show you the things I can do with my tongue baby. If you start sobering up, I’ll bring you another glass to chug while your balls deep in another bitch, fucking her up the ass! I’ll keep the rest of these sluts busy, tonguing and fingering their pussies, giving you all the visual you’ll need baby for one helluva fucking fun night! My pussy doesn’t know the meaning of “down time”. I’m gonna fuck the ever living shit out of you baby until we’ve drenched this bed with cum. Round two, you didn’t think it was over didja? Another shot, another smoke and it’s right back to pound town where your dick is going to nut until ya aint got no nut left to blow! Listening to rock, drinkin another shot, fuckin like there’s no tomorrow… Let me ROCK ON your cock!

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