Boogie For Booty Night

A friend of mine has a club that hasn’t been doing so great lately. When I came up with the idea of “Boogie For Booty Night” he loved it. As I described it to him his dick got hard literally and my pussy started getting real fucking wet. People have to purchase tickets for the event in advance. It is being advertised as a rave dancing, swingers, party event. We are combining a rave style, singles mix and mingle dance party. He said this was the most unique idea he had ever heard of and no other club in town could compete with this one. He was so grateful that he fucked me silly and then offered to let me DJ the event! This is going to be great for business and so far we have sold a whole shit load of tickets! We plan on curtaining off a couple areas in the back room for people who want to cop a private quick little fuck. Of course I am certain that with the drinks flowing, and all the hot, horny bodies in the club feeling the music pounding so loud it is vibrating your dicks and pussies. There will be lots of fucking on the dance floor too. It’s a combination of all my favorite things, loud music, hot and heavy partying and fucking till the sun comes up! We are literally going to boogie for booty all night long!

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