Bite My Ass

Have you ever had your ass munched on like a Hostess cupcake? Trust me, it’s the hottest thing since butt sex.

Today started out innocently enough. I woke up and didn’t get dressed. Walking out onto the terrace au naturel, I breathed in the rich, aromatic scent of the steaming coffee wafting from my mud. The porcelain warmed my hands as I leaned over the railing of the patio. Then my hands warmed my tits, because those babiez get chilly, too.

Lost in thought, I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard his deep voice booming behind me. (It’s a good thing I didn’t, too, ‘cus Victor would need that skin later for mackin’ on). Then I felt the thick, velvety fabric brushing against my ankles. 

I gasped and turned, but Victor gripped my lower back. A single finger found my lips and pressed against them firmly,  silent threat for silence.

He didn’t have to tell me twice. I knew exactly who this tall, imposing man before me was: Victor Lowrey; a vagrant rogue who stemmed from old money. He’d been terrorizing my neighborhood for almost two weeks now, and the police had advised all its attractive female residents to stay inside and lock their doors. I had thought I’d be safe out on my very own terrace in broad daylight, but this turned out to be very untrue. 

The last thing I heard before slipping away into blissful darkness was Victor’s taunting voice.

“Soon Naudia,” he crooned, “soon.”

Turns out, vampires love ass sex. 

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