BDK makes it rain

princess phone sexPrincess phone sex is best with the living legend. There is no one in this world that can make it rain as he can. The king of all kings the walking legend. The Superbowl champ each time he graces me with his presence things only get so much better. I know I am the luckiest and I do it all to keep him happy as can be. I think I have raised the levels so high now that there is no way any other sugar baby can even come close. It was the best party ever and the only way to wrap up the summer. I had a ton of girls from the Hawaiian tropics brand over and they have had an earful all about my big daddy king. They wanted to see him in the flesh. To be honest there is plenty of anacondas to go around so why not? Not only did they see my brand new barbie pink Ferrari but they saw all the diamonds and jewels I was decked out in all courtesy of the king. When big daddy made his way you can tell the girls wanted to play. Girls calm down barbie greets king first then you all follow. It was the best summer party ever. Anaconda had fun with Miss June first then we visited the rest of the months.

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