BBC Worshiping

cock worshiping

For some reason, my master loves to watch me play with Big Black Cock. I was such a good slave obeying every command this week that I got to have three big strong black men come over and use me for my master’s pleasure.  I was stripped and laid out on the coffee table. These guys were not talking they just wanted to use me. My head was yanked by my hair as a ten-inch black cock was shoved down my throat. My pussy was instantly wet as I saw master whip out his cock and start stroking that fuck rod. My tiny rosebud asshole was spit on and a giant cock forcefully took my ass. I felt like I was being ripped apart. I had a cock in my pussy as I was face fucked and ass fucked. I was a black cock pin cushion. I love being a BBC whore for the master. I love being torn apart by BBC.

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