Phone sex fantasies

Phone Sex


His cock is tiny. I actually for once in my life felt what sympathy is! But mercy I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Mercy! So I named this tiny dicked pussy of a man Clitty! I dressed Clitty up and he was actually so adorable in that pink dress! She is such a good boy! Awwww what a cutie so what I told him!! Now!! The fun begins…I had already called the rest of my sissy trainer friends to come and see what I made out of this sad lost bitch of a sorry man! Mhmm each one of us began to cut a whole in the wall for the size of his fat booty….he actually had a nice juicy ass ready to get hardcore fucked like his Clitty never existed. We placed his ass on the other side of the wall and called all our BBC friends to come and break in this sorry sissy bitch of a man! Mhmm the looks on our faces…we were just so happy because of what was happening!!! The way the Clitoris boy screamed begging for mercy was so hot!!!!!! I was very wet watching him take orders and helplessly take BBC in his juicy ass!!! If you are going to come around here asking for sympathy then you get no mercy!!! “Ouuuu wow look at the way his butthole is gapping and squeezing out cum…oh wow it was so gooey” I got down on my knees and sucked all the cum out!

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