Banana Splits Anyone?

We are a bunch of fucking crazy ass bitches and we love desserts. Since today is National Dessert Day, we had to celebrate with our favorite, banana splits. Of course we don’t do anything unless we add our own special twist to it. So we decided to set up banana and whipped cream dispensers of our own. Wouldn’t you love to cum to our banana split party and have your dessert served up Mercedes style? We have the best ice cream shop in town. Hold up your dish and have your banana dispensed into your bowl, Next have your ice cream scooped into your bowl and go on for you whipped cream. I promise we will top it off with chocolate sauce and a cherry, for the best banana split you have ever had. What cums next will keep you just as happy as your special dessert did because we all want nuts with our banana splits and you my friend are going to provide the nuts. When all is said and done you will want to celebrate National Dessert Day with us every year.

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