Babysitting Gone Wrong

I don’t normally babysit but since she was a friend of my aunt I said yes. I thought I was taking care of two young boys but when I got to her house they were much bigger than I thought. I guess she knew what I was thinking by the look on my face. She told me they were having a difficult time in school and couldn’t be trusted home alone for one night. After she explained, I told her not to be worried and everything would be great…. at least that’s what I thought at first.

Everything was normal and they kept to themselves for the most part until I told them to go to bed. They just weren’t listening. They started asking me such inappropriate questions and the oldest one made his move first. He started rubbing on my thigh and saying how I wasn’t much older than he was and the only way he would go to sleep… was if I made his teenage dick cum first.

I was sooo shocked! not because of what he said, but after I refused they forced me to do it anyway. They ripped off my clothes and exposed my tits and pussy… I couldn’t believe these crazy young boys were molesting me! Shoving me down on my knees and making me suck their cocks, forcing me in the doggy style position… and not only did they fuck my pussy, they fucked my ass too… at the same time!

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