Babysitting A Future Panty Boy Can Be Challenging

I have been babysitting little Nathan for several years now, but recently we have come across a few problems.  I noticed a few weeks ago that several of my panties have gone missing, and it seems to happen right around the time he comes over.  Last weekend when he was here I made some dinner and we sat down to watch some television.  After about a half hour, Nathan went to use the bathroom, so I waited a few minutes then I went upstairs.  I walked into my bedroom and I saw him wearing my panties and hold a pair in his hand.  I grabbed my panties from his hand and asked what the hell did he think he was doing.  He said he likes the feel of panties on his cock, so I asked if he masturbated with my panties on.  He said no, so I asked if he came inside my panties and he said no.  I was at a loss, so I asked him to tell me what he does with them.  Nathan said he likes to wear my panties and wiggle in them.  When I asked if that made made him cum he said no, and by this time I was getting irritated.  I yelled at him and told him I was going to tell his parents that he is a panty thief, but he promised not to do it again.  I told him that he was going to work off the amount of money it will cost me to replace all the panties that he took.  I also assured him that I will help him get panties of his own as long as he stops taking mine.

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