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cum slut phone sex


I can’t wait for my daddy’s office holiday party this year. Every year, during the party, I sneak off with his boss and make sure that Daddy gets the holiday bonus he deserves! Last year, I spiked the boss man’s drink with a special little pill that I got from a friend. After a few sips, he was ready to get wild with me! I had him fucked up and drooling on himself as he tried to rub all over my tight, hot body. I took him into his office and pushed him back onto his desk. I made sure that Daddy recorded the whole thing as I got on top of him and pulled his hard cock out. I popped the head of his hard dick in and out of my tight little cunnie. I told him to beg my Daddy for my little pussy if he wanted it. We got a hot video of his boss, fucked up, looking right into the camera and begging for my tiny, young cunnie to make his cock cum. I rode that old man’s stiff, tiny cock until he shot his pathetic little load into me. I emailed him the video with the title “Happy Holidays!”. He gave Daddy an extra few hundred bucks in his bonus check for the wild time he had with my tiny bald pussy.

Cum slut phone sex freak Janie

cum slut phone sex

As an amature porn star and a naughty, cum slut phone sex whore I have a reputation for being a nasty freak. I love to tease men and make cocks hard wherever I go. I can’t help but get so turned on when I know that a guy’s dick is getting stiff! No cock is off limits for a kinky slut like me. I like to play a little game when I meet a new guy. I like to see how quickly I can make his cock hard. Today, I broke my record. I went to lunch with a friend of mine. There was a guy sitting with his family at the table across from us that kept staring at me. Every time his wife looked away he would wink and smile at us. Game time! I knew that he had a clear view of me, so I spread my legs and pulled my skirt up. I had on white panties so he could see how wet my pussy was through the soaked cotton. Within 5 minutes, he was awkwardly covering his lap with his napkin and trying to hide his raging hard cock from his wife and little brats. He ducked off to the bathroom and I took my cue to follow him. My cummy whore cunt is still tingling and wet from the way he fucked me against that bathroom wall!

Lick my hot squirting pussy

hot squirting pussy

I just got back from a trip across the country. I went over there for a hot and nasty porn audition. I spent three days getting fucked by every guy on the set. On the trip home, the plane was mostly empty except for a few people sleeping in their seats, several rows up from me. I was in a kinky mood and had a dirty idea. I knew that I had enough privacy at the back of the plane to get a little naughty with myself. I started watching the clips the director had sent to me, of the guys pounding my hot squirting pussy. I slid my hand into my panties and started to tease my clit when a guy walked up and sat next to me. He knew what I was doing and wanted a closer view. I pulled my skirt up and offered him a taste of this sweet, juicy cunnie. I wrapped my legs around his head as he kissed down my thighs. I pulled him into my wet pussy and let him lick and tease my clit. He was a pro with his tongue and made me cum so hard. I was moaning so loud that I almost woke up the other passengers! After the flight, I laughed to myself while I watched him kiss his wife at the airport. I bet she could taste me.

Wet bald pussy and a tight asshole

wet bald pussy

 I’ve been trying to make a name for myself in the porn industry. I’ve had several auditions and even starred in a few movies. I know the time will come when my name is known by every guy in the country. I went to an audition today for a rough and naughty jailhouse scene. I love being used and fucked as hard as possible! They had me dressed up in a kinky cop uniform, walking around a cell block in a pair of thigh highs and a short skirt. I was all alone on the block when a whole group of inmates approached me stroking their hard cocks. They bent me over the railing of the 2nd floor and lifted my skirt. They spread my wet bald pussy lips and forced their cocks in. They shoved 2 cocks in each of my holes while I had another deep in my throat. I gurgled on that fat dick and choked on jizz and slobber as the other guys ripped my holes open and shot cum deep inside of me. I was passed around and used to please every one of their hard throbbing cocks. Everyone said that the scene was hot as fuck. I’m waiting on the call back now to shoot another scene!

Cocksucking phone sex with Janie

cock sucking phone sex

This naughty, cocksucking phone sex slut is setting a personal goal for the weekend. I’m turning Halloween into Swalloween! I want to spend my free time gagging on thick, hard cocks and getting sweet treats for my naughty tricks! I’m a freaky little whore and this time of year is perfect for an anonymous blowie! Show up in costume and just pull your dick out for me, I won’t even know who you are! You can just shoot your load into my whore mouth and go. Throating thick, gooey loads of cum is what sluts like me are best at, after all. I can think of no better way to spend the rest of the week. Being a porn slut is amazing and will always be my passion but, I get the most pleasure from the feeling of a rock hard cock throbbing in my mouth and shooting warm, sticky cum for me! If you’re looking for a nasty, sloppy blowjob and a place to shoot your gooey cum wad, then I’m the slut you’ve been looking for!

Modeling my hot squirting pussy

hot squirting pussy

I modeled for an adult art class this week. The ad said they were paying a good chunk of cash for an attractive, young woman to pose nude for a few hours a day. I’m a sexy slut with a hot squirting pussy. This may not be porn but it is a way to get my name and body more well known. The teacher was hot as fuck and I needed the extra cash anyway so I signed up. The class was boring at first so I decided to make it exciting. I wanted to get that sexy teacher’s attention so I teased his cock the entire time that I was sitting up on that stage, posing for the class. I would pose in the most naughty positions just to tease him. I knew that he would come up on stage to reposition me. I would make him force my legs farther open and make me arch my back. He said that the class needed to see every curve on me. The whole time I could see his rock hard cock, bulging in his pants. Today was the last day of the class. He asked me to stay after to help him clean up. I knew that I was finally going to get to ride that hard dick! As soon as the last student left the classroom, he snatched my skirt up and forced his cock into my soaked cunnie! I let him back me up and fuck me up against the wall! I spent the entire week getting paid to tease a hard dick and finally got fucked as a hot treat at the end of the week!  Art class is my new favorite thing to do!

Female domination porn slut Janie

female domination porn

I had a shoot today. Porn is so much fun! As long as you just go with the flow, you can make some hot fucking movies! I’ve been trying to make a name for myself so I decided to leave a lasting impression on the directors this time. I turned what was supposed to be a normal threesome scene, into a steamy, kinky female domination porn shoot! The 2 guys that were supposed to be fucking me were pretty fucking shocked when I dropped my robe. I was wearing a nice, thick strap on, that put them both to shame. I had a long leather riding crop that I used to smack the guys and force them to submit to me! I put one of those hot, young studs on his knees and forced him to suck and gag on my big, fat fake cock. I made the other bend over and hold his sexy ass open for me. I fucked his tight puckered asshole so hard as he whimpered and whined like a little bitch. I pulled my shit covered cock out and had my other sissy bitch suck it clean for me. I smacked him hard across the face with that riding crop and told him to deepthroat that fuck rod! No one said anything as I turned these 2 hot, young bodybuilder guys into whimpering, stretched out fuck holes begging me to pound them harder! I did however, get a call back for another scene later this week!

Cum slut phone sex fun!

cum slut phone sexTonight, I’m going to the club. I know that there will be lots of guys there, waiting for a hot cum whore like me to have some fun with! I’ve been at home, all week long, taking hot cum slut phone sex calls and teasing my wet little pussy. I’m ready to have some fun! I have a sexy outfit to wear tonight that will have all of the guys staring at my hot ass! A tiny micro dress, short enough for my ass to hang out of the bottom. I’m going to find a sexy guy with a big dick and tease him. I’ll grind all over him and stroke his cock through his pants to get him rock hard for me. I won’t stop until he slides my dress up, rips my wet panties to the side and forces his huge, hard cock into my fuck hole! I’ll spend the rest of the night dancing as his hot, sticky creampie slowly drips out all over my panties!



Cheap phone sex slut Janie

cheap phone sex

I spend all of my free time on the phone having hot and nasty adult calls. Cheap phone sex sluts like me have to have lots of kinky stories for our callers. I like to meet lots of new guys to fuck at the gym that I work at. It’s perfect because after a shift, I always have plenty of nasty details for my calls! As soon as I walked into the weight room today, I knew that it was going to be a very wild day! There were soo many hot, sexy studs lifting weights and staring at my sexy little ass and plump pussy mound in my tight workout shorts. The biggest and most muscular guy came right up and grabbed a handful of my ass. He slid his hand down the front of my shorts and started to play with my wet  pussy. I reached down and pulled his hard cock out. I dropped to my knees and started to suck that thick, hard fuck rod. Once the other guys saw me slurping on that huge dick, they came over and pulled their cocks out. I had so many hard cocks surrounding me! I jerked each of those hard dicks as I sucked on the biggest one and made him cum right in my mouth! I let all of the others drain their balls and coat my face in a thick layer of sticky jizz! I love my job! I get to start each day with a hot facial and I get to check out all of the hot studs as they work out!

Cheap phone sex whore for you

cheap phone sexAll guys know what to expect when they meet a slut like me! Most whores think they’re good at what they do but they haven’t met a slut like me! Cheap phone sex is hot and fun but nothing can compare to a fat, hard cock in my tiny, tight fuck hole. Getting pounded and fucked is my favorite thing to do! I’m going to be a famous porn slut one day so practice makes perfect! My day starts bright and early, with me getting fucked! I usually have a hard dick on the way over to fill me with cream, by 8am. Once I get that first warm, sticky cum shot, I’m ready for a hot day of being fucked like a cheap whore! I’ll do anything a guy wants if he’ll just give me his sticky load! After a day of getting fucked and treated like a cum slut, I go home and put on a special show in front of my camera. I will finger fuck my cum filled cunnie and make my slutty pussy squirt over and over.


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