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Mommy Phone Sex: Fun in the Sun

mommy phone sexNeed mommy phone sex? I am not your typical mom. I am a party mom. I like to get high and seduce my sons and their friends. With Covid still affecting our local school system, my sons are missing their friends. I decided to throw them a pool party. They each invited a few friends. It was as much a party for me too. When everyone arrived, I told them masks were not necessary. I was in a little bikini and high heels. I wanted to see if the boys were paying attention. I was drinking fruity cocktails and getting high. I was just enjoying watching the young boys play in the pool. Young hairless bodies turn me on the most. I laid down on a lawn chair, pulled my bikini bottoms to the side and played with my wet bald pussy. Now, I really had those boys’ attention. The boys got out of the pool with hard dicks in their swim trunks. I spread my legs, removed my bikini and told them to get some mommy pussy. A poolside boy bang was we all needed. The best way to get some sunshine. I have some interesting tan lines, and a cum filled cunt, but it was just the kind of fun in the sun I needed.

Incest Phone Sex: Jack off with Mommy

incest phone sex Incest phone sex stories are something I have plenty to share. Several years ago, I walked in on my sons fucking a watermelon. My youngest boy was watching the movie American Pie. I am no Betty Crocker, so there was no cherry pie in the house. He improvised. He cut a hole in the side of the watermelon and slipped his little dick inside. His older brother walked in on him and cut another hole on the other of the watermelon. I walked in and saw my two horny boys fucking the same watermelon with their little peckers touching too. I told them to hump for mommy. They came so hard. I ate some extra salty watermelon that day. It became a family joke and a tradition to play with food. I would give them some guided masturbation tips. One time, I made some spaghetti. I poured the wet warm noodles into a mason jar. I put a cloth covering on top with a hole cut into it. I told my boys to fuck the jar because the warm wet noodles would feel like mommy’s warm wet pussy. They came so hard. That was the best spaghetti I ever ate that night too. We still masturbate together with whatever food items are in the kitchen. I loved teaching them creative jack off techniques. I love teaching my callers how to get off with common household objects and food too. Want to jack off for mommy?

Mommy Phone Sex Underwater

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex will always be among my favorite type of calls. That is because young boys are eager to please a sexy mommy. Plus, their dicks are always hard. My two sons had some friends over yesterday. They were going to ride bikes at the park then come back and enjoy the pool. We bought our sons one of those above ground circular pools since the public pools are closed. My husband was thinking about our boys. I was thinking about me. A pool makes boys more popular with their friends. That means more young boys over to play with me too. The boys got too hot riding their bikes and came back early. I had lemonade and cupcakes ready. All I was wearing was an apron. I told them it was simply too hot in the kitchen to bake with clothes on. I suggested we all skinny dip. I did a few lines of mother’s little helper and joined them in the pool. Skinny dipping lets me check out the goodies on young boys. Some of the youngsters did not even have pubic hair yet. Yummy. I started boasting about how long I can hold my breath for underwater. I started blowing boy dicks like a horny mermaid. The boys formed a circle in the water. Their legs treading water around me. It was an aquatic circle jerk. I was enjoying blowing little dicks under water. Of course, I had to come up for air on occasion. I would take a deep breath and go right back under to suck those boy dicks. I did not want the boys pruning, so we finished inside with a boy bang. Those boys had some pent-up energy too. They fucked me harder than grown men do. That was not a complaint. I am a dirty phone sex mommy. I like it rough.

Mommy Loves a Hardcore Ass Fucking

hardcore ass fuckingMommy needs a good hardcore ass fucking. Are you boys up for it? My sons and their friends have no problem fucking mommy hard. Last night we had a gang bang. My sons had some friends over yesterday. They were goofing off like boys their age do playing video games and riding their bikes. I was doing lines of coke like a mommy whore does. A storm blew through town and that put an end to their outdoor play. They had something better than riding bikes in mind when I asked them what they wanted to do now. They pulled out their teen cocks and approached me. My sons were like we want to play with a party whore. I was on the floor already with my ass in the air doing lines of coke. They saw an opportunity and took it. I was high as fuck already, so I did not mind a bunch of horny teens fucking my asshole. I was high and enjoying it, frankly. They all gave me the biggest cum shot they could muster. I could feel the hot seed up my ass and I loved it. Not one boy minded the creampie fucking. That is what is cool about fucking young lads. They are so horny they either do not think or do not care about touching balls or the cum of another boy. I am a kinky old bitch, so I love it. The higher I get, the nastier I become. I love being a gang bang whore for young boys sober too.

I Love Cocksucking Phone Sex

cocksucking phone sexI excel at cocksucking phone sex. I do not fake the noises. I have all sorts of dildos I will suck so you think I am really slurping on your shaft. I love giving head. I swallow every drop. I deep throat cocks until they are balls deep in my mouth. I take creamy facials too. And the kicker is I really do not care whose dick is in my mouth. I have sucked thousands of cocks in my life and I will suck thousands more. Black cock, white cock, boy cock, man cock, four-legged cock… I get high and I suck whatever cock I can get my mouth on. I was partying with a group of friends last night. My sons and my husband were camping and fishing at the lake. I was left alone, and I hate to be alone. Some girlfriends came over, and two of them brought their teen sons. If a woman brings her son into my house, I know she wants me to at least blow the boy. I have a nasty reputation in my community. Many women will not let me anywhere near their sons. I do not hang out with women like that. I like the party moms. I like the mommy whores like me. We were doing shots of Fireball, lines of coke and talking about the biggest dicks we have fucked. I got horny. No surprise. Coke and cock talk and I had to have some dick. Only dick in the room belonged to two teen boys who moms brought them along to the party. I got down on all fours, sucked one boy dick while the other boy fucked my ass. My girlfriends masturbated while they watched me fuck their sons. I got filled up with boy jizz and their mommies licked it out of my pussy and ass. I love being a party mom.

Drugs Phone Sex Anal Whore

drugs phone sexI love drugs phone sex calls. Getting high alone is so boring. Everyone knows that a coked up woman is a nasty freak. For me, I just become a nastier freak. Honestly, not much I will not do, but on coke, there is not anything I will not do. Last night, I was high and alone. My sons were out with their father at the arcade blowing off some steam. I was working, so I stayed home to party and talk dirty. Things got interesting too. My stepson stopped by looking for his dad. He is older than my boys and I rarely see him. We do not get along because he blames me for his parents’ divorce. He hates me. He is rough with me, but I like it. And when on coke, I love it. He thought he was going to hurt me with a hardcore ass fucking, but I am a seasoned anal sex whore.  I am also a pain slut and druggy whore. I was not feeling his 8-inch dick in my ass. It was part because I was that high. It was mostly that I can handle a baseball bat up my ass with no problem. I knew he would hate me teasing him when he was trying to be the aggressor. When I joked that I could not feel his dick, he pulled it out and inserted his fist. Now, we had a party. Now, I was feeling something. He came in my cunt while fisting my ass. When my boys came home, they were horny for mommy. They did not even notice that my holes were bigger and creamier than normal. Even if they had noticed, they would not have cared. My sons and my husband love me because I am a nasty freak.

Two MILF Phone Sex Sluts

milf phone sexTwo milfs are always better than one when doing milf phone sex calls. I love to play on and off the phone with my sexy fellow MILF, Hunter. She works at this company too. Her and I go way back. She went to college with my husband. He introduced us and we have been besties ever since. My husband is out of town for a few days on business. I asked Hunter and her little ones to come over and stay a few days with us. It is a long weekend and that means fucking and partying. Plus, my boys are in desperate need of some companionship with boys and girls their own age. This virus killed all their summer activities. The pool is not even open. Hunter is a dirty mommy like me. She is still here with me. She will go home Sunday. I had a few surprises for Hunter. Best friends share, right? First night she was here, I invited my teen neighbor over. He loves milfs because of me. I have ruined him for girls his age. I have been fucking him for a few years now. Hunter saw his hard 9-inch cock and fell to her knees. She slobbered all over his cock like it was covered in chocolate. He fucked her good too. Hunter fucks her sons like I do too, but my neighbor boy has a bigger dick than any of our sons. And he knows how to make mature women squirt. He also knows how to give a hardcore ass fucking. Last night he joined my sons in fucking my bestie’s ass for hours. She always had two cocks in her ass. So, did I. I enjoyed her little ones. She enjoyed mine. And we both enjoyed some neighborhood teens. And, the weekend is just getting started for these two sexy mommies.

hardcore ass fucking

Mommy’s Ass Got a Hardcore Ass Fucking

hardcore ass fucking

This is what mommy’s ass looks like after four horny boys gave me a hardcore ass fucking. I was partying late last night. My sons had two friends over. I cannot be a good woman when I am around that many horny boys, especially when I am high. I went to check on them. They were quiet. Boys their age are only quiet when they are doing something they are not supposed to be doing. Even high as fuck, I know that. I peeked into my oldest son’s room which was were they were hanging. I heard female moaning. I was the only woman in the house, so my guess was they were watching porn. I peer my head in the door and I see them watching some extreme anal sex videos. Huge cocks for tiny women’s assholes. I started masturbating watching them jack off to anal porn. Because I was high, my balance was off, and I stumbled into the room. I told them not to stop on my account. They did not. In fact, they circled around me for a circle jerk. They came more than I expected for their young ages. They stayed hard after jacking off on this sexy mommy too. I asked them if they wanted to make a gang bang ass porn with me. I got on all fours with their cum ropes still all over my body. I grabbed a hold of the desk because I knew those horny toads would fuck me hard. They rammed their young boy cocks in my ass like I was a porn star. I was waiting for the biggest cum shot of my life. Their young smooth balls were tight against my ass. As they took turns fucking my milf ass, they got hornier and that made them impatient. I felt four boy cocks ram in my ass at once. It hurt so good as the song goes. I had 4 loads in me at once. And I had four tired

Incest Phone Sex

incest phone sexIncest phone sex is popular. I think it is because we all have some one in our family we want to fuck. Guys beat off thinking of fucking their mothers, their daughters, even their sisters and grandma too. Oh, and do not forget auntie. Many men have aunt desires too. I was lucky because I grew up watching my brother and mother fuck. I knew when I became a mom, I would fuck my sons. I was open with them from day one. I breastfed naked. I masturbated in front of them too. Daddy and I fucked in front of them. I masturbated them as they got older too. By the time they had stiff dicks, I was fucking them. I fucked them both at the same time our first time together. Sure, I fuck them solo too, but it is extra hot to get an ass fucking from one son and a pussy fuck from the other. They are teen boys now. Bigger and stronger. Hornier too. We never get tired of fucking. They have more time on their hands now because of the virus. No summer programs. No sports. No summer camp. Just lots of family fucking with their sexy and horny mommy.

Drugs Phone Sex Mommy

drugs phone sexWhen you are a drugs phone sex whore, you do whatever you need to get your weekend fix. You even get fucked by your black dealer in front of your two sons. Marcus loves fucking me while my boys watch. He knows I fuck my sons. He tosses a little shade their way when he tells them they will never have a dick as big as a big black cock. They are not huge boys, but they are still growing, and size does not matter when it comes to mommy son fucking. My boys love watching Marcus make me earn my weekend party supplies. They think it is hot that he gives their mommy whore a hardcore ass fucking. They sit there in amazement. They are amazed that mommy can take that big of a cock in her asshole. They are amazed that black men are that endowed. Marcus was rough on my ass last night too. He cannot see me as often as he likes with everything that is going in the world currently. He made up for lost time. He told me no one drains his balls better than me. That is because I am a nasty freak. I do not just play one on the phone. I love being watched. I love getting high. I love being sodomized. I love incest. One of the reasons I want my coke so badly is so I can be a nasty freak for my sons. After Marcus left, I had his cum in my ass and a big bag of weekend coke. My sons had blue balls from the sex show, so I let them have some sloppy seconds. They gave mommy hot ass sex indeed when they put their little peckers in my cum filled ass. After Marcus, I could not feel their little dicks, but I did a line of coke and acted like no one could fuck my ass harder than my sons.

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