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mommy phone sex

This mommy phone sex whore is ready for the weekend. My sons have Friday off and that means a three-day weekend of boy cock. I needed to get some coke. Marcus was out of town. Last week he gave me double my usual but of course, I could not make that last. I am like a goldfish. The more you give me, the more I snort. I had one little bump left. Was not going to make for a fun weekend if I was out. I am resourceful, however. I talked to my sons and my oldest boy knows a boy at school with an older brother who deals pot. He might deal more but he was unsure. He admitted that him and the guy’s baby brother found his stash and got high one day. He made a text to his friend. About two hours later, I got a text from an unknown number to meet. I put on something sexy. I was hoping I could seduce the brother. I had no clue how old he was but was hoping he was a milf phone sex fan. He was twenty something. I was likely 15 years older than him. He asked me what I needed. I played coy and acted like I did not have much money. I had zero money. My husband no longer gives me a large allowance because he knows I will put it up my nose. He told me he would make me a deal. If I could suck all of his dick he would give me a bag of coke. Deal. I am a great cocksucker. Holy fuck. He had an 11-inch dick. But I take a lot of black cock so I was confident my mouth would get the biggest cum load from his balls. Not only did I swallow him balls deep, I took him in my ass balls deep to score another baggie of coke. Mommy s ready now to party hardy for several days.

BBC and Drugs Phone Sex

drugs phone sexIt is no secret that I am a drugs phone sex whore. Two things in life I need as much as food and air are coke and boy cum. I am jizz junkie and a boy cum addict. I have a routine for the weekend. Thursday night I go out and score coke for the weekend.  My number one dealer of choice, Marcus, is a black man. We are about the same age. I have been scoring from him since I was a high school girl. His father was my mother’s dealer for over a decade. He inherited his father’s business after his dad died. I have grown up with Marcus. He is just three years older than me. He has been running a drug empire for almost 25 years now. Back in the day I had to pay cash for my coke, but once I became a sexy mommy, he wanted to fuck me for trade. I was never going to say no to that. I was a whore by that time anyway. Marcus loves his version of mommy phone sex. He never got to bang his mommy, but he loves banging white mommies now. Sometimes, I give him a treat and bring my two boys along for the fun. He strokes his big back cock watching me fuck my sons. And my boys stroke their cocks watching me get my dealer’s BBC. They love watching me be a whore. Marcus gets to live vicariously through my sexual exploits with my two horny boys. He also gets my sloppy seconds. He loves using my sons” cum as lube to fuck my ass. Marcus was in rare form Thursday night. He dipped his dick in my cum filled mommy pussy and coated it in boy jizz. Then he gave me a hardcore ass fucking I will never forget. He also gave me double my normal supply of coke. Happens every time I bring my boys with.

Party Girls Phone Sex Sluts Start Somewhere

party girls phone sexParty girl phone sex sluts all have their beginnings. I did not always do coke and guzzle cum. When I was a little girl, my mommy had me draining my brother’s balls and often time his friends too. She gave me my first coke too. I have a confession. My mother pimped me out when I was a schoolgirl. Daddy was gone all the time and never left us much money. My mom was addicted to coke. It was expensive even 30 years ago. My mom pimped me out so she could get coke. She always found these out-of-town businessmen who were clean cut with a lot to lose if they went too far with a schoolgirl whore. She loved me. I know what you think. She loved coke more. Maybe she did, but these men just fucked my jailbait holes, paid her, and left. She laid down the terms that they were not to leave marks. A swollen cunnie or rosebud was to be expected, but no bruises that would be noticed by school officials or daddy. Those men would make me their cum slut. I had to crawl around on my hands and knees sucking cocks and licking assholes until men were ready to fuck me. I guess my submissive roots were born then. Mommy always gave me coke for entertaining these businessmen. I never looked at it like she was my pimp, but I guess she was. I did not mind because I was developing my party girl side then. Thirty years later, I still like coke and cum. I pimp myself out to get coke and I drain my sons’ balls. Everything I learned, I learned from my naughty mommy. I am grateful I had a mother into coke and cum and incest. I cannot imagine how boring my life would be if she had not shown me how to be a mommy phone sex whore.

Hot Ass Sex with Mommy

hot ass sexIt is always hot ass sex with mommy. My mother fuckers love fucking me. They were raised to be my little sex slaves. I cannot get enough of them either. When my mother found out I was having a boy with my first pregnancy, she was so excited. She began sharing her grooming tricks to raise mommy’s sex slaves. She told me when I was just a schoolgirl myself that it was a mother’s duty to take care of her son’s sexual needs. I grew up watching my mother do just that for my brother. My sons are teen boys now and hornier than ever. They love the weekends, especially long weekends. Monday is a holiday, so they can fuck their mommy whore as much as they want. They got a bonus because my mother is visiting too. They get to fuck a sexy mommy and a sexy granny. I already fucked my drug dealer Marcus Thursday to get enough coke to last for a long weekend. My mother is a bigger coke fiend than me if you can believe that. I love sharing my sons’ cocks with my hot mommy. She taught me everything I needed to know about keeping young cocks happy. Last night we kicked off the weekend by doing coke off my sons’ stiff dicks. They love fucking me at the same time, but when grandma is around, they each get to fuck an ass or a pussy. And they get to watch mommy and me snowball their cum. We love boy jizz more than coke and we really love coke. My little sex machines can fuck all night with just a little coke on their stiff dicks. Anytime I can share my boys with my mother, is a good time. This weekend, I am putting the party in party girls phone sex because I will be doing lines of coke off my mom’s tits and fucking my sons. Maybe I can squeeze in sometime to play with you too.

Roleplay Phone Sex Halloween

roleplay phone sexI love October especially for roleplay phone sex. I am all about Halloween. I even wear costumes around the house. This is the beginning of 31 days of terror and fucking. My sons love Halloween too. We watch horror films and fuck. Last night, was the first day of my favorite month. I dressed up in a latex naughty nurse outfit. I have a latex fetish. I love the feel of latex on my body. My sons love the way I look in latex. Latex hugs every inch of my milf body. We started the night off on the couch watching the original Halloween movie. My mother let me watch horror films as a young girl. She would take my brother and I to see every scary film that came out in the 90s like Candyman, The Sixth Sense, The Ring, Misery, Scream, The Haunting….  She would jack my brother off in the back of a crowded theater. Horror movies are always loud, so no one would hear my brother moaning. I sit on the couch in between each of my boys now jacking them off anytime we watch a scary movie They love horror films as much for the scary scenes as they do for the fact that I always jack them off when we watch them. We had to pause our Halloween movie marathon because they got horny. I was horny too. All that latex on my body was driving me crazy. I started blowing their cocks to get them hard. I was prepping them to double penetrate mommy. I was so wet. Horror films, latex and stiff boy cocks are like my recipe for a good fucking time. The boys had no complaints. They enjoyed fucking me in my latex outfit. We turned the movie back on but kept fucking. I did a few lines so I could keep up with them. They get so horny for their mother. And their mother gets so horny for them too.

Sometimes Mommy Needs a Hardcore Ass Fucking

hardcore ass fucking

Sometimes mommy needs a hardcore ass fucking. I get high and become an anal whore. When I was a young girl, I lost my anal cherry before my real cherry. My mother wanted my brother to fuck me but she did not want me to get pregnant, so she told my brother to fuck my ass. She prepared me with her fingers and a small dildo. My brother was just a few years older than me. His cock was not full grown yet. Sure, it hurt like a bitch the first time. I cried. But it got easier. When I got a bit older my mom got me on the pill. My brother popped both cherries. Now, I am an anal whore. My sons love it. I let them fuck me bare back in the ass. They fuck my pussy bare back too. Sometimes I am just in the mood for some rough anal. I was in that mood last night. I did not want just one cock in my ass. I wanted both boys in my ass at once. I was high. Of course, I was. I am almost always high. Feeling both boys in my ass bare back was amazing. Their dicks cause friction against each other and in my asshole. My husband watched and jacked off to the show. My boys nailed my ass good. Raw and hardcore. Just what mommy likes.

MILF Phone Sex Whore

milf phone sexMilf phone sex sluts love to party. At least this sexy milf does.  My sons were having some friends over this morning to play video games and work on a group project for school. I was a major distraction. I sat on my chaise couch naked playing with my pussy in front of teen boys. I was hoping that they would want to fuck instead of play games or do schoolwork. I guess it was women’s intuition. It worked out well. They put down the joy sticks, so I could play with their joy sticks.  Nice big joy sticks too for their ages. I spread my pussy lips wide and let them lick and finger me. It felt amazing having all these young boys fondling me. Gave me a wet bald pussy. I sucked their cocks too. Chugged down every dick balls deep. I love boy dick. So hard. Full of cum. And eager to fuck. It did not take long for me to have a boy bang. Bent over my chaise chair, every boy in the house rammed their hard cock in my cunt. I was creaming and squirting everywhere. I am a boy cock junkie. I think I made them milf pussy addicts. A sexy mommy whore can have any young boy she wants.

Mommy Phone Sex and Cocaine

mommy phone sexIt has been mommy sex weekend. I have not slept in days. Why sleep when you can fuck? My oldest son had a birthday this weekend and I told him he could have a few friends over. He invited 5 of his closest friends to spend the weekend with us. Well, I needed to be able to keep up with 7 young horny boys. My two sons and five extra lads is worth doing a shit ton of coke. Those boys have had hard cocks all weekend long. Maybe when I was in my 20s, I could keep up without coke. I am almost 40 now. Coke is mommy’s little friend. Those boys were certainly glad I did a few lines. I did a few lines an hour. Friday was boy bang night. We watched horror movies and fucked. I was bent over the back of the couch. My skirt was around my waist. The boys were watching all the Halloween movies and banging this mommy whore. One load after another was dumped inside of me until I was leaking cum from every hole. They were still fucking me when we got to Halloween 4. Every boy had dropped a few loads in me. I needed coke to keep up. By the time they passed out, I was too wired to sleep. I stayed up jerking guys off on my phone sex line. I started getting sleepy when the horny boys woke up and wanted to fuck some more. Mommy’s little helper to the recuse. I was able to fuck every boy a few times, then get my naked ass in the kitchen to whip up some omelets for the horny boys. All weekend long I have been taking care of horny boys on and off the phone. Thanks to cocaine I can sleep when I am dead.

Drugs Phone Sex Puts the Labor in Labor Day for Me

drugs phone sexIt is Labor Day weekend and for a drugs phone sex whore, that means one big party weekend! I do labor on Labor Day, just not the kind of labor you may think. I must work hard to play hard. My dealer and I have an arrangement. I never have to pay for my coke, but I do have to work for it. I guess you could call it a labor of love. Marcus came over Thursday night to make me work for my Labor Day weekend stash. It is the kind of labor I do not mind. Marcus likes to watch me be a mommy whore. My sons love putting on a show for him too. We put a little coke on the tips of their boy dicks, and they fuck me better than Peter North. I am a party mom. The only real work I do is the fucking to get my coke supply. I guess you could say my phone boning is work too, but the real labor I do is all the heavy lifting of those cum filled balls. I am a drugs phone sex whore. Cock, cum and coke are my only wants. And I will do any kind of labor to get my essential Cs.

drugs phone sexThe labor Marcus had in mind was getting tag teamed by my sons while sucking on his big black cock. Now, that is my kind of labor on Labor Day! I slurped on his huge black shaft while I had a son fucking my cunt and my ass. Sometimes, I would do a line of coke off his dick. My boys love performing in front of Marcus. My dealer is like most of my callers. He lives out his mom fantasies watching me be a mommy whore. Because I needed more than my usual stash, Marcus really made me work for my coke. I will take this kind of labor any day. I bounced up and down my dealer’s big black cock. I took both boy dicks in my ass at the same time too. I got pumped full of cum and the weekend is just beginning. I am a drugs phone sex whore. Of course, I will do what ever fucking labor my dealer wants to have enough coke to party all weekend long. Who wants to party with me?

Incest Phone Sex is My Favorite

incest phone sexIncest phone sex is my favorite. Perhaps being a phone whore, I should not have a favorite, but I am a boy cock addict. I hate that schools are in person this year. I was secretly hoping for virtual learning again. I love having them home with me all day long. Of course, I get greedy, so they got behind in their schoolwork when home learning. We have a routine down for the school season. We fuck before they get on the bus, and we fuck as soon as they get home from school. And there are more fucks before bed too. They are horny and so am I. My youngest son stayed home Friday from school. He had a little fever, but the school will not let him go to school with even an asymptomatic low-grade fever. He felt fine. He was not acting sick, so we figured out how to make the day go by quickly. I fucked him all day too. If he was getting sick, draining his balls was a healthy thing to do. I am a cum junkie. I will drink that liquid protein all day long. Cum is the only white substance I like more than cocaine. I partied and drained my son’s balls dry. I may have made him sick. I think I dehydrated him taking all that cum from his balls. He is a young teen boy. His balls build cum back quickly. His dick recuperates quickly too. He kept up with me though. I was putting coke on his cock after a few cums to ensure he could stay hard and fuck me like an animal. So, maybe I am not mother of the year. But my boys love marathon fuck sessions with their mommy whore. My oldest son came home, and my baby was able to rest a bit. Good thing I have two horny boys, because one cannot keep up with me. I am insatiable.

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