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Prostitution Phone Sex: Coke is Not Cheap

Prostitution Phone SexProstitution phone sex? I am a phone whore for sure. Sometimes, I am whore in real life too hustling for drug money. I live a complex life. I am a soccer mom, but I have such deep dark needs that being a soccer mom cannot fulfill. I fuck my boys, but I have a monkey on my back. My husband loves me, but he knows me too. He knows I can go overboard on coke. He likes me a little high, but super high I am a train wreck. He gives me a very small amount of fun money a week. So, I hook sometimes when I cannot trade pussy for coke. My regular guy Marcus is out of town getting some supply for his demand. I cannot trade my old pussy anymore with any other dealers. I went to the truck stop and hustled. A girl has to do what a girl has to do. I was in competition with some sweet young flesh, but even the youngest whore cannot compete with my skill set and experience. I can take a hardcore ass fucking better than an anal sex whore. I lowered my prices and did more guys than I normally do. But I got my fun money. I was in the back of an empty semi giving head and taking dick in the ass. Some of the truckers shared their blow with me. The guys were rough. Hair pulling, tit squeezing and ass slapping as well as hardcore fucking. I came home covered in cum. Some bruises were forming on my arms. I smelled like the whore I was that day. I just wanted to go shower and sleep, but my horny sons love using me after other men have used me too. You know me. I am a whore and I never say no to cock. I had my coke and that was all that mattered to a drugs phone sex mommy.

Drugs Phone Sex Mommy

drugs phone sexDrugs phone sex is sort of my thing. Without mommy’s little helper, I am a boring soccer mom. With mommy’s little helper, I am a nasty freak. My mother introduced me to coke when I was a teen girl. She told me I would grow very fond of cocaine because it would bring out my natural desires. Honestly, I think my mom brought out my natural desires because she introduced me to incest. She fucked my brother several times a day my entire youth. At first, I thought mommy was hurting my brother. I was so young and did not quite understand what I was seeing. Later, as I learned about the birds and bees, I knew what was going on. When I started to join in, mommy shared her stash because I was nervous. My brother is older. He popped my cherry. And my mom made me a coke fiend. I say that proudly. I love what I have become. My mom was with me for New Year’s Eve. She is still a druggy whore. Although my brother could not join us, my two sons were around for the family fun. Mom and I did lines of coke off boy cocks and we drank boy cum at midnight. My boys are like machines with a little powder on their young cocks. They drilled us for hours. Family is all about fucking or it should be in my opinion. I will admit that I have become spoiled. My boys have not been in a school in almost a year. I have them around all day to take care of my horny needs. They return to the real classroom next week and that leaves me with my phone sex callers to get me off. And my drug dealer who luckily makes house calls.I bet you will not mind getting me off, will you?

A Hardcore Ass Fucking for Christmas

hardcore ass fuckingMy boys gave mommy a hardcore ass fucking for Christmas. Before they opened their presents, they wanted to gape my asshole. Precious boys. Horny boys. Rough boys. I was still up partying when they woke up to see what Santa brought them. Santa was still wrapping presents in a coke fueled frenzy. The gig has been up a few years, but I still like to pretend. They are my babies. But they are not babies anymore. They are horny teen boys with cocks that need tight holes. I closed the door with the unwrapped presents and went naked into the living room to distract them from snooping further. My goal was to get them to nut so they would go back to sleep, and I could continue wrapping. It worked. I asked them if anyone wanted to fuck mommy’s ass. They whipped their boy dicks out, pushed me over the couch and shoved their dicks in my ass at the same time. They joked that mommy was a Ho. They fucked me together with their dicks rubbing against each other inside my asshole.  The friction made their dicks harder. It was like that were rubbing their dicks together to make a fire in mommy’s ass. It felt like a fire. Their two hard teen dicks filled my ass better than a baseball bat. My guess was the circumference of their dicks combined was bigger than a baseball bat. It did not take them long to nut in mommy’s ass. Once they came, they started yawning and back to bed they went. It is easy to distract my horny boys with hot ass sex.

Drugs Phone Sex Christmas

drugs phone sexI say Merry Christmas with drugs phone sex. Tis the season to party. I am a party whore, but I will say 2020 has been the year of partying moms. I pulled a late night the other night partying with an old friend. We have not talked in a while. This year has been hard to find time to connect, but we reconnected at the best time.  I had just received a large bag of holiday cheer from my drug dealer, Marcus. I was partying with my horny sons and the neighbor boy. Even virtual schooling is off until after the first of the year, so they could stay up fucking their druggy whore mommy. My old friend got to hear me having a boy bang. I was bent over my bed doing lines and my boys and the neighbor were fucking me from behind. I was in a horny mood. I was in a party mood. I am lucky because I am surrounded by men who appreciate me for the druggy incest slut I am. Taboo fucking is the only fucking I do and all the men in my life love me for it. My husband first met me fucking my drug dealer on a pool table. He knew he had to marry me then. My drug dealer watches me fuck my sons and gives me blow for it. My sons watch me fuck my black hung drug dealer and masturbate. They love sloppy seconds after him too. That is because my pussy is gaping enough that they can ram both boy dicks inside me at once. Everyone in my life knows what a nasty freak I am. They love this mommy phone sex whore. If you party with me, you get to hear all my nasty fuck stories too.

Mommy Phone Sex Whore

mommy phone sexIf you are a good boy, you get mommy phone sex as a present this year. With me, even if you are a naughty boy, you still get mommy sex. I am a naughty woman, so I prefer naughty boys. I love naughty boys. I raised naughty boys. My husband is traveling for work, which means mommy can do coke in the house. Yeah, for mommy. Marcus, my hot thug black dealer made a house call last night to bring me a big bag of coke. Marcus never just gives me coke. I must work for it. Last night, I worked for it and my boys worked for it too. My sons love when they can be involved. Marcus likes to watch mommy whores in action. Fuck my sons for coke? Hell yes. I do that all the time and never get to have an audience. Marcus stroked his big black cock while he watched my boys take turns with my mommy fuck holes. Marcus, like most of my callers, has mommy fantasies. Because he could not fuck his own mommy, he likes to watch my boys fuck me. He was telling them what to do too. Fuck mommy’s ass. Put both your cocks in your whore mommy’s cunt. Fist mommy with your little hands. I was so wet because it was like I was being directed in a P blue movie. I was doing lines of coke while my sons followed my drug dealer’s instructions to fuck the shit out of me. My boys loved it too. They will fuck me with no one watching or the world watching. They just love fucking mommy’s wet bald pussy. They also love it when I get high, because I never tell them to stop when they get rough with my mommy holes. I am going to enjoy my week with my husband gone. I can be a druggy whore in my own home.

My Boys Have Been Naughty

rough sex phone sexHave you been naughty or nice this year? My boys are mostly naughty, but naughty in a good way. Ever since my boys were young, they got into trouble of some sorts. Stealing my panties, spying on me in the shower, masturbating while I slept, cumming in my coffee when they did not think I was looking. Usually their antics involved something sexual. Christmas time is always the worst! Last night, I was trying to bake a few dozen cookies and they were being mischievous. I know I am not exactly Susie Homemaker, but I am trying to play the part of a soccer mom for the neighborhood baked goods exchange. My sons were jacking off into the cookie batter every time I turned my head. They were giggling like schoolgirls which was always the giveaway.  I am not a disciplinarian. If anyone gets punished in this house, it is usually me. I tossed my youngest son over my lap and gave him a bare bottom spanking. Not hard. It was more in a playful way. I took my other boy and did the same. Paddling their young butts made me wet. I got wet seeing their ass checks turn bright pink. Turns out, my boys enjoyed getting spanked. They were begging me to spank them harder. Who knew? I have a strong submissive side, so it was weird to be the one doing the spanking.  As they were over my knees, I felt their young cocks growing harder. The more I spanked them, the more turned we all got. Before long, I was burning cookies and having rough sex with my sons over the stove. Spanking them brought out the desire to punish mommy for being a cock tease. Their little hairless dicks pounded me so hard, their balls spanked my ass. No cookies got made. But I did get plenty of batter in my mommy holes.

Mommy Phone Sex Whore Gets Drunk and Fucked

mommy phone sexWhat does this mommy phone sex slut do on Thanksgiving and Black Friday? She parties. Wednesday, I had to get drunk on wine because I was out of blow. My dealer had a covid scare and I could not see him for two weeks. He trades me coke for pussy. Other dealers are in town, but they want cash, not my married pussy. I went through a few bottles of wine until I could see Marcus. I was drunk when Marcus arrived yesterday morning with blow for me. I am a sloppy drunk too. Coke is more my speed. My boys were home because school has not resumed yet, plus it was a holiday break. Marcus and I go way back. He has been my dealer since before I got married and moved to the burbs. He loves a dirty mommy, so the fact that my boys had a front row seat to the hot escapades, made it better for him. He loves to give my horny boys a show. Marcus is black. He has the biggest cock I have ever fucked. He gives me the biggest cum shot too. Bigger than my husband and sons combined can give me. It started with a skull fuck. It shifted into an ass fucking and it ended with a gang bang. Marcus wanted my boys to join the fun. Normally, he is not into sharing me with white guys, but since he always wished he could have fucked his mother, he thought this was hot. It made him feel like he was my son, and he was sharing his mommy whore with his brothers. I was drunk and getting 3 cocks in me at once. Now, Marcus calls me the three-hole mommy whore wonder. I took black cock in my ass. I had white boy dick in my pussy and mouth. And I had cum oozing out of all three holes. I do not remember much, but Marcus filmed me for his spank bank, and so we all have something to remember the night mommy got drunk.

Cocksucking Phone Sex with My Niece

cocksucking phone sexI am good at cocksucking phone sex. I can swallow swords. I do have a gag reflex, but it is hard to gag me. My niece is staying with us for a while. She is my husband’s sister’s daughter. Her mom got COVID and is a single mom, so we took the girl in while her mom recuperates. My sister-in-law is not as liberal as my husband and I are. I mean she knows I am naked on the Internet. She knows I like to party. She just does not know about the family fun or my passion for boy dick. Her daughter knows though. No way to hide it from the girl if she is staying with us indefinitely. I am not about to be on good behavior. I do not think good behavior is something I can do, LOL. My niece is a curious girl. I was partying last night. I had my sons and a couple of their friends entertaining me. I was doing lines off their cocks. They were fucking me. My sons and their pals gave me a hardcore ass fucking. I was loud. I always am with rough anal. I woke my niece up. But before I realized she was up, she had watched her naughty aunt in action for about an hour. She wanted to join the fun. I asked her if she had every sucked cock. She looked embarrassed to say no. I told her at one time in my life, I had not either. Her cousins did not mind helping to further her education. Neither did their friends. She got a little coke high just off the residue on their cocks. Was not my intention, but it aided her in swallowing their cocks. For a novice, she did well. She swallowed 5 loads of jizz on her first night as a cock sucking whore. Either it was the coke, or she is a natural. I think since she is staying with us, I am going to keep furthering her sexual education.

Incest Phone Sex Calls Helps Me Stay a Coked-Up Whore

incest phone sexIncest phone sex has been keeping me busy. As this fucking virus wreaks havoc on all of us, more people are retreating to the safety of their homes. More young ones are confined at home. More guys are thinking about banging their daughters. I am glad to be stuck at home to help these men. I am also glad to be stuck at home with three horny boys. I have fucked my sons long before this virus. But I also competed for their attention with friends who wanted to ride bikes or play video games, school and soccer practice. They have none of that right now. Their day is spent with a couple hours of schoolwork on the computer, Netflix and video games. If not shrink your balls cold outside, they get some exercise on their bikes or walking our pups. More time at home has them hornier and thinking about mommy’s wet pussy more. When this pandemic first talked about shutdowns and lock-ins, I was like hell yes. More family fucking. Almost 9 months later, I am exhausted and sore. They jack rabbit my ass and pussy many times a day. I am struggling to get access to other boy cock because no one’s parents will let their sons come over and play. In order to give my fuck holes a rest, I work my phone sex line more. It is part economical too. My husband will not give me money anymore because he knows I put it right up my nose; so, the money I make talking to you helps me get my fix. I used to just whore my body out get a couple hundred dollars to score some coke. With bars closing so early, it has become hard to turn a trick. Face it. I am just a whore. A mommy whore, a druggy whore and a phone whore. My boys are making up for the lack of other cock I get by ravaging me more. And you are helping me to have money to buy coke with your calls. Life is not that bad.

Hardcore Ass Fucking for Halloween

hardcore ass fuckingI got a hardcore ass fucking for Halloween. My husband and I let the boys have a party. A small gathering of friends they have weathered the virus with who we know well. I know those boys biblically if you know what I mean. I enjoy having a few extra boys around. I always enjoy extra cock in the house. I was drinking and doing lines. We were all in the recreation room watching horror films. I hate scary films, but I watch them with my boys. I would get scared and end up in some boy’s lap. Ooops. I took advantage of the situation too. I would grind my booty into their crotches getting those young cocks hard. Once I had their attention, I would unzip pants, pull out dicks and give them head. They watched Jason, Freddy and Michael slaughter people, while I slurped on their boy cocks. Some of these boys had big dicks for their age. Bigger dicks than my husband. That is not why I cheat, however. I cheat because I am a whore and I like to fuck. No one can keep up with me. Having three sons under this roof has helped me. One boy would never be able to keep up with my libido. We kept watching horror films while I got gang banged. I have carpet burns still. I got on all fours on the shag carpet in front of the TV and watched slasher films while boy dicks barreled into my asshole. I have always been an anal whore. Boys love fucking my ass too because they only get to see hot ass sex in porn. Schoolgirls do not give up the booty but a druggy milf whore sure does. By the time the horror movie marathon was over, I was oozing cum from my gaping asshole.

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