Anal First Timer

anal phone sex



I’m your super young and kind of prudish girlfriend, who while being pretty submissive and willing to please has never really let you get that kinky. I decided that one of my New Years resolutions would be to maybe get a little less boring in the sack. I know you’ve been dying to fuck my pussy from behind and today I’m finally going to let you gain access to that backdoor too. I crawl into bed next to you and begin telling you that I know you’ve had a crazy long day, it being the first day back into the office after the holiday and all. You’re so excited to have my tight sexy body next to you after a rough day at work and your cock starts swelling up immediately. I tell you that I want to try the thing you’ve been wanting and you quickly get me on my knees with my ass up and back arched. You begin playing with my pussy and teasing my tight cut with the tip of your dick. You slide it in and unexpectedly you get a little bit more rough than I expected. I’m totally shocked and asking you to slow down but I finally loosen up a little bit and have fun when you start playing with my nipples. You begin running your thumb over my rosebud asshole and I beg you to pleas wait but before I can stop you or pull away, you’ve already slammed your cock into my ass. You’re pounding away and I started get really into it, demanding that you blow that giant load into my asshole now! The fact that I have finally got so into it completely sets you off and you let your entire creamy blast go inside me. You slide out and relax next to me while I enjoy the sensation of your cum leaking out of my asshole. Now that you’ve turned me into a submissive little freak, what should we try next?

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