She Found Him In The Attic

 sissy phone sex melindaWe often get together and laugh at what a little dick her husband has. She always said she wouldn’t cheat so when she needs a good fuck we get together and I fuck her with a big fat 9 inch strap on. but when she found him there the attic, all alone, dressed in a pretty pink baby doll dress with plastic panties and a bonnet, rubbing his pitiful excuse for a cock, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Taking in the scene she saw that  he was surrounded by girls clothes, wigs, makeup and nail polish. He admitted that he loved cross dressing and that he often took her sex toys and shoved them up his ass, pretending it was a sweet pussy just like hers. She said he cried when she began to yell out him, furious that she had been faithful despite his little cock when all the time he was a sissy. I felt so bad listening to her and then something snapped and a look came over her face that sent a chill down my spine. She asked if I would help her. If I would be her accomplice and teach him a lesson. She wanted me to invite the biggest dick I knew over to my house, she would bring her husband and the fun would begin. She would make him dress in that pink dress with the plastic panties and bonnet and make him watch me get fucked while she stood next to him and humiliated him. She would show him what a real man, with a real dick does. And then he would put my strap on around my waist so that he could watch me fuck her like I have for months. She wanted him to know who had been keeping her pussy happy all this time. I have to admit I loved fucking her in front of him, stuffing her pussy full of my strap on and making her cum over and over again making her scream and claw my back. Something I knew he could never do for her. From here on out his name is no longer Bret, he will forever be known as Priscilla.

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