After school special. Wanna light up a doobie?


Barely legal phone sexGetting high makes me so horny it’s crazy. When I’ve had a rough day in classes, I really like coming home, getting my clothes off, lying down on the bed and sparking a nice fat joint. Of course like I said… now I’m horny as fuck. So I’m kinda laying there stoned and horny. I got on my phone and sent a snap chat to a few people looking for some pussy licking. I love it when my phone starts to ding ding ding. That means my pussy is about to be very very happy. He showed I relaxed and enjoyed. He definitely was worth the snap. He had my nipples so hard they almost hurt and my pussy was so hot and aching while he teased and fingered he drove me crazy. For over an hour he had my pussy lips spread wide lightly licking and tongue fucking me… and then he finally let me cum. Not that I couldn’t have before but he was stopping every time I got close and holy fuck did that make it so fucking hot I don’t think I could get my legs spread wide enough. I could feel my pussy starting to really throb and it started. I didn’t come in waves, Just one long orgasmic sensation. Give me a joint and a pussy licking anytime, anywhere, any day!


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