Adult Baby

Adult baby phone sex

Nothing turns me on better than to see your sissy ass in a diaper. This is the perfect Adult baby phone sex that this hot pink pussy enjoys. Remember you called me into your office late night after hours. I thought we were going to fuck as usual. You were going to fuck the living hell out of me all over your office desk and floor. To my surprise I walked into your office and there you were. Wearing a fucking diaper. My nipples instantly got hard. I licked my lips and then commanded that you crawl over to me like the baby that you are. I saw the pacifier on the desk so shoved it into your mouth. Just like I am going to shove this hot ass pussy in a second. I sat you on mommy’s lap and made you suck all of mommy’s milk. I laughed with pleasure as this humiliated the fuck out of you. You sucked my breast for hours just like the Adult baby that you are! you are so fucking pathetic! I was so tired of this pathetic man that you are in front of me I made you get into the corner and piss and shit in your diaper. I took pictures to humiliate you later and show your co workers. You should call me before I send these email to your office staff showing them just how pathetic and worthless you are.

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