Big Beautiful Tits

Mature phone sexYou like these big perfect tits don’t you? I know you do. I love accidentally bumping into someone who has been staring at my big tits. Like yesterday. Mike was staring at my chest. I could even see a little woody starting . So I accidentally tripped over my left foot and pushed these big beautiful tits right into his chest. He got so hard instantly and I could feel exactly what Mike had for me! And I am NOT a woman to pass up a big hard cock. I reached my hands out and grabbed that thick piece of meat! I told Mike that I had to have a taste and he happily pulled that cock out for me. I know how to suck the chrome off a bumper… so I can suck the cum out of a dick easy! The harder I sucked the tighter his balls got! Until he emptied his nut sack right inside my waiting mouth. All because he was staring at my big beautiful tits. 

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