Lets have a fuck-off party!

Kenya’s the name, having crazy and fucked up sex is my game.  I have an awesome body, with huge round tits and a perfect ass. My face is also really hot, and people tell me I should be a model.  I’m too busy for that though, trying to get laid as much as I can.  I love anything, men, women, trannys, munchkins, anything I can sink my teeth into.  I even like going to all the neighbors houses and getting it on with one or both spouses.  Sometimes the other knows about it, other times it’s a secret.  I just love cumming, and making everyone else cum. Preferably all over my face.  The more the merrier too. Sometimes I like to do four or five guys at once, then I go home and let my little trouble makers have a go at me.  Their little smiles turn me right on, when I’m licking their little balls and cunnies.  When they start getting hair they’ll be so excited, but I’ll teach them how to shave it all off.  I think you and I should get together, I know we can have a lot of fun, and I’ll empty you of all your juices completely.

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