Subby Kitty Zoe

It was an old boyfriend of mine that first got me interested in subby play. He used to hold me down and between clenched teeth tell me he was going to rape me and then brutally shove his cock in me while he smacked me around a bit. The first time he did, it seemed surreal. My mind told me I should be offended and mad but my wet kitty was telling me otherwise.

He was the one who piqued my curiosity and ever sense then I have been chasing the dream of being controlled. I am not even with him anymore but still keep my kitty bushy just because he said a good submissive should always be bushy for her owner.

My subby kitty cunt loves to purrrrrr when a strong dominating lion takes control…



  1. Domm4U

    Zoe , you are a real good time. You have that subby thing down to a T. Look forward to putting you in you’re place again real soon.

  2. henry

    You have an amazing voice baby very sexy thanks for the call!

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