Valentines day seduction

hot ass sexHot and horny little secretary slut for you. I love knowing that I turn you on more than your wife. I left you a little note for valentines, and you fell for my trap. I knew you would eventually cave. Its hard not to resist me. I used your vulnerability as a way to get you to do everything I wanted you too. I knew you would feel so good inside my cunt I like older guys who are in positions of power. The ones that have their wives blowing up their phones while they are getting one mean deep blowjob. I like knowing how weak I can make a strong man. When you come across me, your strengths weaken very quickly. You crave hot ass sex with me and won’t stop till you have me in all ways. I tend to give you the gfe experience you so desperately crave by also dominating your life and feelings. I like being your sexy personal slut. When you met me up after missing the reservations you had set up for v day with your wife. I knew then, and there I had you in the palm of my hands. My sweet tight pussy and hot body are all that you want from now on.

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