Twisted Tennis lessons

hot ass sexMy parent’s wanted me to have some extracurricular activities growing up. They thought it would broaden my horizons and keep me busy and focused. Well, it did just that, but I don’t think they anticipated their youngin to be taught some nasty things. 

I was thrust into dance classes, and kickboxing classes and some piano rehearsals. I got into a tennis course offered by one of the guys my dad had working for him. He was supposed to be a stand-up guy with an excellent track of teaching. Well, he did teach me a lot more than what they bargain for, Instructor Tom was a quote on quote tennis champ.

To me, he was just a funny looking old man who was good with his balls. Our tennis lessons got extremely sexual. Whenever he would demonstrate a tennis skill, he would prob his dick right behind me. The first time I felt it I swear my pussy got so wet I had to change into new ones. It started out subtly, but then he had no filter. He made it clear that he wanted hot ass sex with my hot teen cunt.

I couldn’t resist his huge dick and let him show me some nasty tricks on the court. I was good with his balls, and he was good sticking the rod in me. It was a score each time. I always made sure to show him how eager I was to be his little champ.

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