The Best Babysitter

Babysitter Phone SexMy friends at school are so jealous of me because I get all of the babysitter gigs in our neighborhood. They have no idea why I’m in demand. Let’s just say that I keep the fathers very happy. At the end of every babysitting job the father always offer to drive me home. And that drive home always turns X-rated. I suck the fathers’ cocks all the way to my trailer, and I always swallow. I have $5000 in my piggy bank from babysitting jobs and extra tips for my amazing blowjobs. I love having a cock in my mouth. And I love hearing men moan, it makes my pussy wet. I’m a dirty girl and I love doing dirty things. I never feel guilty because if their wives were doing their jobs the husbands wouldn’t need me. There’s a saying “Happy Wife Happy Life”. Well, Unhappy husband More Money For Me.

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