Sugar Shoe Daddy

I met this guy at the gym last week that clearly has a foot and shoe fetish. He was blunt with me, asked me if I would mind indulging him. My reward would be a shoe buying spree. He wanted me to wear something that accentuated my sexy legs. I had just the right dress. He picked me up and we went to 6 different shoe stores. He watched as I tried on and modeled high heels for him. He got so hard looking at my pretty feet and nice legs. I let him buy me several pairs of shoes.

We came back to my place for some more intimate modeling. I teased the fuck out of him. Laying on my bed, legs in the air, shoes dangling from my pretty feet. I told him he could touch himself, but he couldn’t cum. That was not part of our deal. I was gonna let him cum, I mean he spent over $1000 buying me shoes. I just like tease and denial games. I wanted him rock hard for awhile, until he could not take it any longer.

After about 3 hours of tease and denial games, I thought his balls might spontaneously combust. I put his cock between my two pretty feet and acted like I was trying to make a fire. I rubbed my soft soles all over his throbbing dick. Traced the purple veins with my big toe. I had tried on shoes, put on stockings and pantyhose, let him sink his cock into the soft leather sole of my new shoes…. Didn’t take long of me jacking him with my feet before he came because I had worked him up pretty good. His white thick jizz running through my toes. I fed him my feet. Informed him that he made a mess of them, he needed to clean them up.

It was hot for me watching him suck the cum of my toes. I didn’t fuck him. I may some day, but I have a sugar shoe daddy and I plan on milking him in more ways than one for awhile. If you appreciate pretty feet; enjoy the feel of silky pantyhose on your shaft, enjoy fucking shoes, or just enjoy a hot woman with nice legs and pretty feet for you to cum on, give me a call. I will slip on my a pair of shoes and walk around the house as I tell you how I will use my pretty feet on you.


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