Suck Me Dry

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex


I was at this bar the other night where I was having a few drinks to take the edge of a bad night off. A girl like me has to really take so much bullshit at times and the other night seemed like more bullshit than usual. I was alone drinking and enjoying my lifting up time when this guy about 6 feet tall tapped me on my shoulder he asked me if I wanted a drink on him. I couldn’t be rude so I said yes and that started a completely excellent night. I am a bit of a special girl I’m not afraid to show off either in fact I like to. He got me smashed before you know it we were in the lady’s room getting nasty wild and insane. I raised my skirt when he got on his knees ready to eat my wet cunt but instead he found a big black pre-cum dripping hard cock. He looked up at me and gave me deep eye contact before going out of control sucking the soul out of my dick, he grabbed my balls and slopped them like a suck monster. I took him by his head and shoved my dick down his throat he loved it and begged for more. I felt like he was going to suck me dry and he did.

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