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dominatrix phone sex melindaRecently I have been told I have a bit of dominatrix in me by a certain special friend of mine when he introduced me to sounding. I asked so many questions that he finally just laughed and suggested we try it out. He has been into it for a long time and has graduated from the started kit of small stainless steel sounding rods to a flexible silicon one that he had specially made. When he pulled it out and showed it to me I didn’t believe for one minute that he could slide that long tube up his dick, I mean his dick isn’t even that long for Christ sake! He had me sit back and watch as he set it all up, laid back and slowly inserted the tube into the tip of his dick. It took him almost 30 minutes to insert it all the way in but I will be damned if he didn’t do it! That is what I call cock control!

There had to be a reason he shared this with me, men never do anything with out a reason. And I was soon to find out what that reason was. He is talking to the cutest little Philippine girl on the net that he is thinking about bringing over for some fun and he wants her to share the sounding experience with him but he needs to practice the art on a female first.

I was game but I wanted someone else there to experience this with me. You know kind of like girls always go to the bathroom in pairs, I needed a buddy for this one. So I told him to get everything ready that I was going to get a friend.

Knowing he is into the younger girls I went and picked up Bunni. She is an adorable thing that I knew could be talked into just about anything.

When I walked in with Bunni in tow, the twinkle in his eye told me I made a good choice. It was a long evening of experimentation and I learned a lot. He couldn’t use such a long tool on us as the female urethra is s much shorter then a man’s. At first it was an odd feeling but it actually did feel really good. Watching him insert the cold stainless steel rod into Bunnie’s tight girl pussy was beyond hot. But watching him shot the biggest cum shot I have ever seen all over her bald cunt when he did it made me cum like never before!

Soon his friend will be here with her little brother and Bunni and I are going to join them for a pee hole fucking party. Nothing like trying something new! baby girl pussy bunni

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