Party Girls in a Daisy Chain

Party Girls Phone Sex

My sorority is full of really sweet and beautiful girls, I love them all. I really love it when we have our “bi” monthly meetings to discuss the business of the house. The last 3 meetings we have all discovered that we love to all get naked and relieve some stress. I mean, yes that’s kind of an obvious thing to do but we never really did it before. Each girl stood at the end of the conference table and took their clothes off, then she can point at another girl and they go have fun. Once everyone was naked we went to town. Not one pussy was left un-licked, un-orgasmic, or un-wet! We all started in a daisy chain but it just turned into one big pile of pussy and tits and cum. I had a great time licking and getting licked and finger fucked. My girl picked me and we got really adventurous, I sucked on her nice big nipples and gently played with her clit, a few other girls around us joined in to make her cum. She seemed nervous and not relaxed… new pledge. So a girl on each tit, one kissing her another lightly rubbing her clit and I was fucking her with a dildo. When she finally came she had been holding it back for so long that her entire body started to shake and she couldn’t seem to control the sounds she was making. When she came back down to earth, she sat up and said: “Where can we get some cock too?” Everyone heard her and started laughing. If you can find me in the pic, call me, tell me where I am and I will email or snail mail you an autographed pic of me!

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