On My Way to the Gym

Voyeur Phone Sex


Tonight I am feeling so freaky my body is aching for a big hard bulging pre cum dripping cock to Ravish me. I bet you I know where I can find that kind of cock like that, at a gym guys just love to fuck in the locker rooms for some reason. I know why guys really like to get it on in sweaty dirty places after all I was a guy at one time. I guess I’m going to the gym to find my Mr. Right. I want to get bent over and fucked like a maniac I want dick so far inside of my asshole that I can feel it in my tummy. Yes, I’m a nasty special girl we can fuck each other I’ve got a position that will rock your fucking mind. My tits are amazing aren’t they don’t they look so luscious and edible oh God how I want a guy to Ravish these tits I mean take total control get wild fuck me hard the harder the better. When I get to the gym dressed in this outfit and it’s so sexy a pair of pink little boy shorts with a cute pair of pink powder pink that is tights holding in my fucking bulge it’s going to make them insane. Yes, I need cock right now. I am willing to slurp and slobber all over a cock Rod right now slip and slide down my throat treat me like your mouth pussy because I sure do love it and I’m so hungry. 

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