Office Holiday Party Circle Jerk

My office holiday party this year got WILD! My boss had these Latin studs serving us drinks. Well we all had one too many drinks and before long a few of us girls thought we were at a Chippendale’s show instead of an office party. We were shoving money in their pants, chanting “Show us your cocks.” Sure enough, they whipped them out. They started a circle jerk. Some of guys in the office joined in. Seeing those big cocks being stroked made my cunt wet.  I often have black studs standing around me circle jerking on my face, but this was first time I saw a bunch of guys jacking off in front of a mixed group of people who were all clothed.

Normally, I am the biggest office slut. But more than one co-worker was on their knees in front of them hoping to get a face full of jizz before me. Guys and girls too. I work with some greedy cum whores.  I joined in on the party fun. I figured out of all of them, I was likely the only one with real circle jerk experience. I didn’t need to be drunk to get wild with some cum filled cock and balls. I showed them how to be true cum sluts. I instructed them to take off all their clothes, lay down on the floor and let the cum flow over their faces and bodies. I am a black bukkake gal, so I was egging those Latin Lotharios on.  Telling them to shoot their jizz all over our faces.

The holiday office party turned into an office orgy. Turns out our hired help went both ways. They fucked the girls and a couple willing guys too. I never knew my co-workers got freaky. Made me feel good to know I was not the only huge cock loving cum dumpster in the place. I went into the kitchen got some glasses and had the boys circle jerk their loads right in the cups so we could all toast to the best office holiday party ever.

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