Naughty Car Wash

Summer’s ending and the girls and I were running a tad low on money, so I came up with the idea of a car wash!. With my big tits in a bikini and my little girls running around in theirs, we easily brought in customers. But the good money was with our ‘special’ customers. I could see some of the older guys looking at my girls as they washed and shook their cute little bottoms. So I made them offers. I made a grand when I had one guy ask for my middle girl, Jasmine. Sweet little thing at ten, she hopped right into the car with him and while the rest of us washed the car, I could see her washing his dick with her small tongue and mouth. And then bending her over, I was getting so wet as I watched him pound into her tight little ass, filling it with his cum.Family Fun phone sex


We had a few normal washes, but I think word spread about of secret service and I was making the big bucks as guys came rolling in, wanting a taste of young sweet meat. I was loving some of the love my huge tits and cunt were getting when a basketball team pulled up in their van. All the young men touching and pinching and feeling me as I watched their couch enjoying all three of my little angels. It was such a blast I think I will have to keep doing this every year!

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