More Country Boy Dick Please!

Fantasy Phone SexOne day when I was out hitchhiking this fellow by the name of country boy came and picked me up and at first he seemed quite sweet, I had no idea that he has a ravenous desire for my pretty little cunt. After this day I know I will be walking along this road again to get more of that nice fat cock. He brought me to his little house just on the outskirts of town and of course I was dressed up like a slut. I went into the house and he immediately told me to undress like the whore I am, I did and he came up and started kissing me and rubbing on my pussy. He loves hairy pussy so I need to grow more out for him next time. He got down and was licking my sweet wet pussy and his big dick was so hard. He laid down and had me get on top of him and riding his cock so hard it felt so damn good. He cock and loaded a big one deep inside of me and then he put me on his face and scooped it out like someone trying to get the last bit of ice cream of the tub.


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  1. jared

    I have a huge country dick for your wet pussy

  2. will

    i want that cunt too

  3. Jordan

    Your one hot piece of ass

  4. Carmren

    Sexy baby. You do great calls

  5. Vic

    I love a subby whore

  6. Jonathon

    Love that pussy and he is one lucky guy

  7. Dylan

    Dirty sexy little whore

  8. Adam

    You were a great call tonight!

  9. Billy

    I’d give you this country boy dick!

  10. victor

    I wanna be the one to fuck you October

  11. steve

    sexy pussy honey

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