Milking him

Roleplay phone sex  My girl and I set our man up today(; we wanted to thank him for how amazing he is to to us. Pleasing us, financially taking care of us, and just being so damn understanding. He is so wonderful so Iz, and I took him to diner and bout him drinks. After, we got home and us girls stripped gave him a show, gave him his gift card to Bass pro because he loves fishing. We had the perfect night planned all out. We invited strippers over they gave him a strip tease but, i payed one of the girls to fuck him. We love to give him a verity of pussy. I mean I guess i enjoy watching him fuck other woman. But he does deserve it. After the strippers left. Iz and I tied our sexy man up and poured hot wax all over his body then, turned him over to milk his prostate. He then fucked both of us taking turns. It could’t had been a better night. I am as selfless as it gets.

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