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I like inviting friends over for daddy. This time I invited my friend Lexi to make daddies stressful week better. I knew daddy was busy all week and could barely get any time to relax and enjoy himself. I had just the thing to make his day relaxing. Lexi and I were ready for daddy in his room. When daddy walked in he would see on his bed. We were excited to see him and couldn’t wait for his big daddy dick. Lexi and I were surely going to share it and make daddy’s banana cream. I let Lexi ride his cock because she was the guest. I had to let her in on my daddies cock so she could get hooked just like I am. Daddy had me sit on his face while Lexi was riding him hard. It was a nice view seeing Lexi ride daddy it had me dripping in daddies mouth. Daddy shot his load all over us daddy loves cum shots on tits. We went at it again and this time we got lucky and we were able to cum swap daddies cream.

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