In Her Bed

Cheating Phone Sex I want to fuck you, pretty boy, all over your wife’s bed. I know that she would be upset if she saw the maid fucking her man, that would be a damn shame. I remember you were telling me that you did not want to cheat because you said you were a good man. I want a good man for myself I’m going to suck your guzzling cum cock. I’ll lick your asshole, I’ll bet your wife doesn’t do that for you. I want to make you feel better than she ever could make you feel. You’re all I dream about I need you so much you’re everything to me. I know I’m just the maid but your wife doesn’t appreciate you. I hear all of the background noise, I see that she’s no good at all. Your wife is a bitch she’s a fucking cunt whore I cannot stand anything about that fucking twat. I’m tired of her behaving like she’s the fucking master of everything. When you leave, she talks real fucked-up about you to her mom and her friends. She tells her friends and her mom that you’re a fucking dick weed. I get so mad when that bitch talks about you because I lust for you. I don’t understand why she doesn’t desire you like me. Well, she’s ungrateful so fuck me. Drive your cock into my cunt fuck me in her bed. You know I want to please you-you understand I know how to do it you remember that time when you slipped up. You know that time was so fucking good, I’ll let you do all without restrictions. Your body said you wanted me your body said you liked it. So come on let’s fuck in your wife’s bed stop feeling guilty stop being stupid and have fun.

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  1. rectal Reeves

    I tried to call you because my big hard throbbing cocks dripping and leaking come out and I needed you to suck it like a good hard but the phone just rang and rang and harder and harderI panic my cockMy slow before I get a chance to put it in your tank squeeky ass

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