I’m the New Mrs.



Fantasy Phone Sex


He wanted me to take off my clothes and dance for him in front of his wife, I couldn’t believe he was telling  me to do such a thing after all the freaky shit he and I had done over the years with him in his wife’s bed and all over her house whenever she was out. There he was screaming at her telling her she was a boring good for nothing piece of trash. He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me close to him and told her, “I’m leaving you bitch” he told her he was going to be with me because I knew how to satisfy a man and make him feel needed. She started crying but I didn’t feel sorry for her because this white bitch always called me names and did berating shit to me when they came to the store that I worked at. Yea whore that’s what I said I wanted her to know I had been fucking her husband and sucking his cock like a porn star. I wanted her to know that I loved driving her fucking cars when she was out of town and now I’m the wife.


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