His Maid..

My new job has it’s perks but it also has a down side. 

I thought I was alone when I was going through the Mrs, X’s drawers and trying on her clothes. 

Her husband came home and found me. He said he wouldn’t tell his wife as long as I did what he said. 

He had pictures of me. I was caught red handed, I’m a greedy girl so I didn’t want to lose this job. I made a lot of money.

He wanted me to start wearing a maids outfit to work. He said he would come home from work for lunch. He wanted his lunch ready every day at 12:30, and me to great him at the door in my naughty maids uniform. 


Today is the first day I have to do this. 

Its 12:25, Lunch is ready and I am waiting for him. 

I’m worried his wife will come home, but maybe she is into playing around herself.. No she is a bitch. 

No wonder why Mr, X is using me. He probably hasn’t gotten any in years.

When I hear a car pull up I run to the door. 

He has a very big grin when I open the door.

He leans in to kiss me on the cheek.

I lead him to his lunch, take off his jacket and pull out the chair for him.

He laughs and shakes his head. He pulls me around the chair and he starts showing me dirt on the counters.

While he is doing that he has his hands firmly planted on my voluptuous ass. 

He leans me down to get a closer look at the dirt, when he does He pushes my thong to the side and starts rubbing my pussy. 


With his other hand he pulls out a envelope and sets it on the counter.

I have changed your pay. If you can make me cum, you can keep this and get even more. 

A girl had to do what a girl has to do. Why not make a lot of money doing it??


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