He’s a Dom that I love to make Submit

Humiliation Phone Sex


I take him to clubs and make him parade around wearing slutty prostitute clothes and he loves it. I really get off on his utter humiliation I love to escort his little fairy ass around making him act like my perfect little sex slave. I take him places that my big cock black boyfriendshang out because I have alread explained to Thomas, that he has to suck my boyfriend’s cocks until they cum down his sissy throat. Usually Thomas is the dominant one when we get together but there are times when we like to switch and he submits to all of my horny little desires. I think I’m much of a catwoman because I scratch and hiss at my sex slave when he does the wrong things. Thomas knows what turns me on and what makes my cunt moist and he often does the right thing. In appretiation for all the sex and sin I have a sexy surprise waiting for my sweet butt fairy when we get together later. It will be a cum spraying dick slobbering surprise of course I just love the way Thomas and Black dicks get along.

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