He wants to breed me

hot ass sexWe threw a mother day party at the office. I was able to meet my bosses wife finally. Well, she wasn’t anything special. I knew he hated being around her and wanted to be near me. He snuck away and fucked me in the break room. Just a couple of feet away from his wife and youngins. I couldn’t believe he needed my young bald twat so bad that he had to excuse himself and make his way to a hidden spot. I felt him up and couldn’t contain myself. I was thinking about all the hot ass sex we were about to enjoy together. It was terrific being his cum whore. I knew he wanted to make me a mother on this mothers day. He kept telling me he wanted me to carry his seed and he wanted to get me pregnant so he could leave his wife and fuck my pregnant twat. I was entertaining the idea. I am not sure I want to settle down just yet so I will keep toying with it so that I can keep getting his dick. He receives an escape from reality and fulfills my nasty fetish.

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