Extreme Anal With A BBC

Anal Phone Sex

I have this male friend who has a big fat black cock. He comes over about twice a week, I love all cock but while doing anal, BBC has got to be some of my favorite. When he came over I greeted him in my white sheer dress with my nipples exposed. When he walked in the door he immediately grabbed my breasts and started sucking on my nipples. That gets my box so fucking wet. He bent me over the arm of the couch and spread my legs as wide as they would go and got down, starting licking my ass until it was soaking wet just right around the rim.

He got back up and pulled out his big dick and started rubbing it in between my ass cheeks and popped the head right into my ass, I gasped for breath I wasn’t ready and it’s always that first pop that gets me. He was going in deeper and I started rubbing on my clit. He grabbed my shoulder and started just fucking me super hard and balls deep. He even started to put fingers in there with his dick, he wanted my ass gaping and make me try to hold all the cum in. He came hard in my ass and pulled out. He said my asshole was the size of the bottom of a coke can. I could feel it, that is how I like it very extreme and I could feel the cum gushing down my leg as I tried to hold it in.

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