Daddy’s Special Diet

Phone SexDaddy is training me to be his special little slut.

He has taught me so much so far!

He taught me just how he likes me to suck on his hard love.

He even taught me how to sit on his big man muscle so that it goes deep inside my tight kitty.

But now he is teaching me how to put his big daddy meat in my way to tight ass!

The first part is to make sure there is room, so there can’t be anything else in there!

So he put me on a special diet for a whole week!

Most girls hate diets but this is the best one ever!

For a whole week I get to eat as much of daddy’s cock cream as I can!

I am never hungry because he always has plenty for me to eat.

He lets me suck on it until I am full, just like a little baby sucking on mommies tit!

I love falling asleep all nuzzled up in his yummy comfy balls sucking on my dinner!

And the best part is, I am almost ready for daddy to teach me how to take all his love in my tiny little ass!

I hope he still lets me eat my special diet! It is so yummy and all that protein is making my hair sooo shiny!

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