Daddy-Daughter Day

Daddys Girl Phone SexDaddy kept me home from school today. He said we both needed some special Daddy-Daughter time. I was so excited because Daddy knows how to make my pussy feel good. He made me sit on his face and got my pussy really wet. The way he sucked on my cunt made my legs shake. It didn’t take long before I came really hard and squirted into his mouth. But he kept licking and sucking until I begged him to stop. And when he finally stop then it was my turn. Daddy has me well trained, I know how he likes his cock sucked. I lick it all over until it’s covered in saliva. Then I suck it deeply and slowly. When he starts running his fingers through my hair I know I’m doing a good job. I suck and suck until his yummy semen fills my mouth. We have all day to make each other cum over and over again, and the day has just begun…

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