Daddies doll

hot ass sexDaddy was having a long day. I knew his day at the office was stressful. I got a text, and I knew what it meant. Daddy wanted his sweet girl to make his night special. I didn’t hesitate to dress up in some hot lingerie and put some sexy, sultry makeup and get ready for a beautiful night to devote to my Daddy. When Daddy came in I greeted him with a kiss and brought him over to my room. I gave him a massage to release the tension. I had fun pulling his cock out and rubbing it and sucking it. Daddy was going to have the time of his life. I got right on Daddies dick and began to fuck him till his eyes rolled back. He couldn’t take it anymore. Daddy began to bend me over and instantly he was having hot ass sex with my bum. Daddy sure does know how to lay some pipework.

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